Frequently Asked Questions

What are TILT™ Bartender Inclusive packages?

Our packages are designed to make hosting your bartended event effortless. TILT™ Bartender inclusive packages comprise a professional, TABC bartender and the proper quantity of beer, wine and spirits for your guests during the designated service time. Simply select a pre-designed package which include the spirits and event duration that suits your hosted event. Your bartender and package arrive ready to serve! (Delivery in Dallas and Tarrant counties only)

Do I have to select an inclusive package?

Of course not! We are happy to provide a bartender only and mixer package if you need. You may add a bartender to any of our independent services.

Can we add a Bar Mixer package to our Bartender only service?

Yes. Bar Mixer packages complement your party spirits. Bar Mixer includes: • Fresh juices, mixers, sodas, waters, fruits and garnishes • Disposable, recyclable drinkware and dry goods • Small cooler with fresh cocktail ice – Private events only • Professional barware

Can I have a quote for TILT™ services?

Yes. Click here. Complete the brief service information form and we will contact you shortly to discuss your event.

How do I reserve TILT™ services?

Effortlessly, of course! Provide your event information by completing our reservation page and remit a 50% deposit online. We review your reservation for availability before charging your account. Then, we contact you directly to discuss your event details.

Does TILT™ require a deposit?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required to hold your event date and time. All bartender inclusive packages and events totaling more than $500.00 in services require a deposit. We required total payment for our “Just a Bartender” service.

Is TILT™ licensed and insured?

Yes, TILT™ bartenders are professionally trained and TABC certified to serve in the State of Texas. We also carry high limit general and liquor liability coverage.

Does TILT™ offer spirits consultation?

We offer a brief consultation to assist you with the selection and quantities of your spirits. You may also choose delivery on the day of your event as a part of your effortless service. Alternatively, you may also choose a pre-selected package from our bartender inclusive service.

Will TILT™ bartenders serve minors?

We do not serve minors. We request you take into consideration non-alcoholic drinks to accommodate your underage and non-alcoholic drinkers.

What is the bartenders' attire?

Black slacks, black dress shirt/blouse, black necktie and shoes. In the event of extreme weather, our attire will adjust accordingly.

Does TILT™ offer consumption/cash bars?

We do not purchase and sell alcohol.

How many bartenders will I need?

Depending upon the mixology required we recommend no more than 75 guests per professional for Spirits service. Our recommendation for beer and wine pouring is one professional up to 100 guests.

Does TILT™ rent glassware?

Yes, Rocks, Wine and Flutes! Need more information on glassware? Not sure, which glasses you need? We can email a concise list of bar glasses for you to review.

Does TILT™ provide servers to assist with food service?

We are solely focused on your bar and bartending service. However, we can recommend fantastic caterers, food trucks and restaurants for your event that offer great service and delicious foods.

Can we ask the bartender to stay longer than contracted?

Yes, we invoice $45.00 per hour to the account on file.

Should we tip the bartender?

At your discretion, of course. However, it is customary to tip your bartender 15% - 25% of the bartender(s) rate.